Networking is a crucial element for success and is built into the entire experience at Insight Academy. Futhermore, we also regularly organise & host a range of events – each and every one being the perfect environment to meet interesting new people and build your professional network. When it comes to our events, there are no limits. Our events include guest speakers, pitch contests, hackathons, campus tours, purely network-focused events such as breakfasts with successful entrepreneurs, events built around a particular specialty & area-centred and more. Find out about what’s coming up below!


  • Tue Oct 22 nd - @ 5 : 30 PM - 8 : 30 PM

    LGBTQIA+ ENTREPRENEURS WORKSHOP 2 MARKETING 101 Equip your marketing toolbelt with the essential skills you need and get to know marketing channels and their characteristics. During this workshop we will […]...

    Insight Academy
  • Tue Nov 05 th - @ 5 : 30 PM - 7 : 00 PM

    On his very first day in Australia, former international student Hao Teo was greeted with an empty room and no bed or desk. He slept on the floor of his […]...

    Insight Academy
  • Thu Nov 07 th - @ 5 : 30 PM - 8 : 30 PM

    LGBTQIA+ ENTREPRENEURS WORKSHOP 3 MANAGE YOURSELF TO LEAD YOUR BUSINESS Learn about yourself so you can learn to communicate and create meaningful connections with who you work with. During this […]...

    Insight Academy
  • Mon Nov 11 th - @ 5 : 30 PM - 8 : 30 PM

    LGBTQIA+ ENTREPRENEURS WORKSHOP 4 UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS NUMBERS Dive into the numbers at the heart of your business, figure out what they mean and how to make them work. During […]...

    Insight Academy
  • Wed Nov 20 th - @ 5 : 30 PM - 8 : 30 PM

    LGBTQIA+ ENTREPRENEURS WORKSHOP 5 LEVERAGE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA Attract your target market using social media and engage people to build your company into a community. During this workshop […]...

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