Networking is a crucial element for success and is built into the entire experience at Insight Academy. Futhermore, we also regularly organise & host a range of events – each and every one being the perfect environment to meet interesting new people and build your professional network. When it comes to our events, there are no limits. Our events include guest speakers, pitch contests, hackathons, campus tours, purely network-focused events such as breakfasts with successful entrepreneurs, events built around a particular specialty & area-centred and more. Find out about what’s coming up below!


  • Tue Aug 27 th - @ 5 : 30 PM - 7 : 30 PM

    THE USE OF CHATBOTS IN BUSINESS Come along to learn about what are the new trends regarding Chatbots and how you can implement them in your business to improve the […]...

    Insight Academy
  • Wed Sep 18 th - @ 5 : 30 PM - 6 : 30 PM

    DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY We all face uncertainty – entrepreneurs probably more so than others. One common reaction is to seek answers, desperately try to find the right knowledge, and binge […]...

    Insight Academy
  • Wed Oct 02 nd - @ 5 : 30 PM - 6 : 30 PM

    BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN In this Masterclass, you will understand the basic concepts of Bitcoin/Blockchain technology. After the class, you also will be confident in how to use and store cryptocurrencies. […]...

    Insight Academy