COVID-19 Announcement

We hope you, your family and our Insight Community are well.
We are all experiencing some very challenging times, times in which everyone’s collaboration is paramount to contributing to the containment of COVID-19. Here is what our organisation is doing:

  • 1. Insight has notified current and future students (by email, social media, canvas) about the cancellation of all scheduled classes, workshops, incubators and events from March 16th until April 5th 2020. While we devise our COVID-19 strategy, we will keep regular updates coming.
  • 2. Insight Academy's campus is currently closed. We have enabled our permanent staff to work from the safety of their homes. This means that ALL our departments are still operating and you can contact us via phone, email, website, social media and canvas (for students). We will respond to your enquiry during our regular business hours about any of the following:
    • Campus tours and student information (video-conference)
    • Admission
    • Student Services
    • Finance
    • Academic inquires and English Placement tests
  • 3. The induction for March 2020 intake has been postponed until the 30th of March. Therefore, we will be taking enrolments (iStart and iGrow courses) till then. Contact us for more information about enrolling through our website and agents

Finally, this unprecedented situation requires safe adjustment to training that can then be sustainably managed. Insight Academy is up to the challenge! We are keeping updated with the latest information from the Victorian and Federal Government through the Department of Health and Department of Education and Training.

We appreciate your support and we will keep you updated. Please remember to involve yourself in our communications channels such as, Instagram, Facebook, Website and Email. We also recommend checking government websites daily - for your own safety and those around you.
Yours truly,
Insight Academy

Who We Are


An eclectic group of industry experts looking to guide students in the new ways of business.

What We Do


Mentor, not teach! Here at Insight, we stress a practical and simple way of getting the point across with no fluff and easy understanding.

Why We Do It


We believe in innovative education. We believe in real outcomes we thrive for personal fulfilment.

About Us

Who we are

Insight Academy employs an innovative way of teaching, we believe that education is changing in the 21st century and now more than ever, people are looking for a more practical and innovative approach in the business world. That’s why here at Insight, we aim to take you out of the traditional classroom experience of learning, and focus on real world industry outcomes, empowering you with skills to face the challenges of professional life!

How it works

Bring your initiative

Bring initiative to work with ideas or your future plans to get started in this program!

Build Up

Build up, learn and sharpen your skills with our business coaches.

Grow your network

Grow your network through our exclusive in-house events and guest speakers.

Sharpen your Skills

Sharpen your skills in personal and professional development.

Develop with likeminded individuals

Work on your ideas in our dedicated co-working space with likeminded individuals and mentors!

Graduate start-up ready

Graduate with confidence, start-up ready to launch your dream business or grow companies!


Certificate IV in Business


Diploma of Business


Advanced Diploma of Business



Know our coaches and team

Meet the talented entrepreneurs, administrators, coaches and mentors ready to guide you on your learning journey
Chinmay Ananda
Coach & Mentor
Alejandro Lopez
Laura O'Neill
Samantha Sacchi
Lucas Menzano
Annelise Worn
Madeline Leman
Rune Pedersen
Sarita Johan
Ines Brcic
Coach & Mentor
Francesco Crifo
Saul Contreras
James Merchant
Alex Makin
Santiago Vela
Jose Alonso
CEO / Founder
Marcela Tirado
Operations & Finance
Marine Lefebvre
Lucas Menzano
Marketing & Sales
David Ponce de Leon
Academic Support
Olga Ukolova
Accounts Officer
Cristobal Severino
IT Developer
Jack Smith
Brand Designer
Javier Guillen
Business Development
Shani Sami
RTO Compliance
Edgar Vallois
Offshore Business Development Manager

traditional education vs Insight Academy

A holistic focus on your individual traits
Industry-experienced coaches & mentors
Real-world projects & relevancy
Business project incubator
Personal & professional development
Mindset training
Unparalleled networking opportunities and online learning resources

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All great stories have a beginning and all innovation starts as an idea.
Challenge yourself to create your own future and never forget that time is the only resource you cannot get back.
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Ideas change the world. Make yours count.

Jose Alonso – CEO/Founder