Insight Academy is officially back on campus with face-to-face classes!

During these tough times, we have done our best to adapt to any new changes and provide students with the best virtual experience possible. However, one of the qualities that makes Insight Academy unique is its experiential learning activities and practical approach on campus. That’s why we are thrilled to see students filling up the classrooms and after a long wait, allow Insight Academy to recover its sense of community, which is and will always be one of our main values.

Up to this day, our staff and coaches have done a wonderful job to make sure everyone follows the COVID guidelines according to Victorian Government recommendations, including taking the temperature of students at the entrance and scanning a QR code to register their visit, among others.

Our main priority is to provide a safe space for our community. That’s why we are constantly monitoring the latest news from the authorities and do what’s on our hands to prevent the spread of this virus.

Thanks to all the students, coaches, staff and community members who have been very supportive and respectful. It helps us to keep our motivation high and continue doing our part.

– Insight Academy’s Team.