Insight Academy has partnered with food & restaurant manager Alberto Gallon to conduct real job interviews with our students, offering real job opportunities.

Do you need to build your interview skills? Build confidence under pressure and practice in real interview situations. We will record your interviews and provide personal feedback. This is the perfect way to identify where you want to improve and the areas where you are already great!

Get a job straight away that suits your skills and goals! With a large variety of roles available across a number of great companies, this is the perfect chance to build your CV and career with real experience.

Who is Alberto? He is the manager of a group of companies that includes:

  • QFW – Gourmet food production company
  • The Food House – Deli Market
  • Lume – Fine dining
  • The Victor – Food & Wine Restaurant
  • Casa Europa – Restaurant and Wine House

What does Alberto offer? A wide variety of job vacancies, including:

  1. Retail – Good English required
  2. All restaurant positions (Chefs, servers, runners, dishwashers, etc.)
  3. Delivery drivers – No English is required, but a truck license is needed.
  4. Administration Jobs – Marketing, logistics, store managers, accountants, HR, etc.

Which are the benefits?

  • Competitive wages and an excellent work environment.
  • The opportunity to grow within the company.

Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to build confidence and a career.