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What is INSIGHT?

Savvy students around the world are searching for a more practical approach to enter the business world rather than the tradition theory textbook/classroom pathway. Insight Academy has answered this call by tailor making its own innovating hands on practical training. A unique delivery model that challenges future innovators to develop their own business ideas into real world projects as a core part of their course.  This unique ‘incubator’ approach occurs within a dynamic multi-layered supportive learning environment. Students are first coached, mentored and then stimulated with an endless array of industry expert guest speakers and a series of executive Masterclasses. Insight Academy is fast becoming known as one of Melbourne’s most vibrant business development hubs attracting both aspiring as well as experienced entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs.

The World keeps changing, but education doesn’t.

We believe that teachers and traditional classes are not enough, instead, we believe in real-world experiences.

Our vision is to give students the skills, mindset and the knowledge they will need to adapt and succeed in this new and competitive global scenario.

Insight Academy is a place to thrive by networking, building community and collaborating. We offer real outcomes and valuable life experiences.

That’s why Insight Academy has quickly become renown as one of Melbourne’s most vibrant business development hubs.

The future is Insight Academy.

Are you ready to join the community?

traditional education vs Insight Academy

A holistic focus on your individual traits
Industry-experienced coaches & mentors
Real-world projects & relevancy
Business project incubator
Personal & professional development
Mindset training
Unparalleled networking opportunities and online learning resources



Someone who exercises initiative by organizing a venture to take benefit of an opportunity


A manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing


Know our coaches and team

Meet the talented entrepreneurs, administrators, coaches and mentors ready to guide you on your learning journey
Morry Morgan
Laura O'Neill
Saul Contreras
Samantha Sacchi
Madeline Leman
Greer Lucas
Jess Leondiou
Lucas Menzano
Scott Douglas
Jose Alonso
CEO / Founder
Marine Lefebvre
David Ponce de Leon
Operations Manager
Jack Smith
Brand Designer
Isabel Diaz
Marketing Manager
Leandro Nogueira