advanced diploma of business

This program is broken down into the five independent elements that form the core of contemporary business. Build upon your career blueprint and implement a broad understanding of business operations to not only understand how to operate a functional business, but how make it a successful, constantly improving, innovative business venture.

The Five Elements


Thinking outside the box is easier said than done. Innovative and creative thinking allows business leaders to surpass the status quo and existing models to develop new strategies and techniques.


Foster leadership and innovation.


Be the force behind business evolution by anticipating threats and capitalising on opportunities. Learn to increase productivity through mindful communication and calculated practices.


Contribute to organisational development.


Learn how to orchestrate the art of customer experience from every point of interaction. This defines the core of a person’s perception of your business and brand.


Execute an advertising campaign.


Evaluate campaign effectiveness.

Global Growth

Broaden your skills to identify potential local & international marketing opportunities for business growth. Investigate and assess these opportunities for risk factors and viability.


Manage international marketing programs.


Develop organisational marketing objectives.

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CRICOS code 089938C
Location Melbourne City Campus
Course duration 52 weeks (Including Holidays)*

*Please contact Insight Academy for further information


One time fee $10,000 AUD (payment plans available)
+ $150 AUD per year for learning materials
+ $200 AUD enrollment fee
Delivery: 20 hours per week
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Our school is registered to accept international students.
For visa enquiries refer to the Department of Immigration or your Agent.
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For visa enquiries refer to the Department of Immigration or your Agent.

Intake Dates

Intake 2019

JAN 14 2019
MAR 25 2019
JUN 3 2019
AUG 12 2019
OCT 21 2019
DEC 9 2019

Intake 2020

MAR 16 2020
MAY 4 2020
AUG 3 2020
OCT 12 2020
DEC 14 2020

Intake 2021

MAR 8 2021
MAY 17 2021
JUL 30 2021
OCT 18 2021
DEC 17 2021

Intake 2022

JAN 10 2022
MAY 20 2022
JUL 29 2022
OCT 10 2022
DEC 13 2022