Internships are often thought of only being about taking coffee orders and making photocopies. Insight Academy is here to bring you the real workplace experience where you will be able to work and learn alongside professionals in your field.

Take your learning to the next step by getting first-hand experience in an industry that you choose! Put yourself on the frontlines of the Australian start-up ecosystem and understand how your industry works in one of the highest ranked business cultures in the world. Build your professional network, upgrade your skills and become familiar with the workplace culture.

Walk away with real-world experience, connections and industry references to level-up your CV. Create opportunities for your future, with a program that has a 30% rate of employability after finishing the internship.

Kick-start your professional career with an internship on your terms in an industry that matters to you. This is iExperience.

Internship Duration: Minimum 12 weeks, 20 hrs/week