Successful transition from Employee to Entrepreneur: What they don’t tell you

Mon Aug 05 th - 6 : 00 PM

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Success is 5% Strategy, 95% Mindset!

The best-selling book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ has been the guide for such modern figures as Bill Gates, Dave Thomas, and Sir John Templeton in their pursuit of success.

At this exclusive event you will learn

1) Why do most Start-Ups fail? Let’s look at the fact.

2) Think and Grow Rich. Nice idea, but how?

3) The foundation understanding that is really controlling your results and what you can do about it.

4) What the expert goal achievers say and tools you can take with you from this seminar to start applying straight away.

Our presenter for this Seminar – Mairead Dunne the founder of Spritz Mindset, works directly with the longest living student of this material, & global leader in the area of human potential, Mr Bob Proctor.


This is your opportunity to get along and learn directly what you can start doing immediately to ensure your transition is a success. Regardless of what stage your start-up is at this Seminar will be an eye opener for you.
Success is a system it’s not based on luck it’s based on law and if you are serious about wanted to see your business have the impact you desire then this is a night you don’t want to miss.

Your event-host for the night is INSIGHT ACADEMY

where traditional education is out and you will find…

>>> A holistic focus on your individual traits
>>> Industry-experienced coaches & mentors
>>> Real-world projects & relevancy
>>> Business project incubator
>>> Personal & professional development
>>> Mindset training
>>> Unparalleled networking opportunities and online learning resources


Melbourne Silicon Beach


Melbourne Silicon Beach
Insight Academy, Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia