Sales for Non-Sales People | Masterclass

Wed Nov 13 th - 5 : 30 PM

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Each day technically brilliant and smart people are hired to do great things in their jobs. But then comes the dreaded sales part, when they are expected to hit those KPIs and targets, without having been taught how. An IT Consultant at a consulting firm may have all the necessary skills to analyse how computer systems work within a company. But do they have the necessary skills to negotiate a deal once they make it to partner? A recruitment consultant may have the people skills, but needs to know how to pick up the phone and market their job seeker. Or an entrepreneur who just quit a secure job and has to go out and hustle.

This is not your typical sales coaching training where it just teaches you sales techniques, but digs deeper into the core issue, which all starts with mindset. We teach you psychological and NLP techniques in how to deal with rejection, resilience and develop the mindset to set you up for success. As well as all the sales and communication techniques which will drive growth, whether it’s through your own business or KPIs at work.

About the speaker:

RANA KORDAHI – Founder at The Selling Academy

I was never meant to work in sales, let alone teach it. My dream was to be a Hollywood actor and walk the red carpet, but sales seemed in my blood and destiny.

How it all started was when I took a random job as a receptionist at this warehouse that sold bathroom products at pre-construction prices to construction companies. This was all so I could fund my acting career.

In this job, my main role was to answer the phone, but no one called. So, I took matters into my own hands, got the yellow pages and started making cold calls. Pretty soon I was out on the road, meeting with builders and heads of construction companies, trying to sell these bathroom products in bulk. A few weeks later I made my first sale for 300 k.

I remember how great I felt when my boss told me how I saved the business and promoted me to sales manager. It was since then that I have realised how important sales is to any business, and my love for it grew.

Since, I have worked in a variety of sales roles, from recruitment, employment services, real estate, training services, to selling software. And now run my own sales training company, which include lots of selling.

I truly have a love for teaching sales and helping companies thrive. I am determined to make everyone fall in love with selling and succeed in it. I want people to understand that without good salespeople, many jobs and even businesses would not survive. Salespeople are the soldiers on the frontline who put their sanity on the line daily and deserve so much more respect.

In the last 10 years, I have been fortunate to train and coach over 10 thousand sales and non-sales people across the globe in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development. People usually walk out of my workshops with a newfound love for selling.


Wed Nov 13 th
5 : 30 PM - 8 : 00 PM


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