From International Student to Successful Entrepreneur | Masterclass

Tue Nov 05 th - 5 : 30 PM

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On his very first day in Australia, former international student Hao Teo was greeted with an empty room and no bed or desk. He slept on the floor of his new Australian home for two weeks before his bed would finally arrive. Right then and there, he realised that studying overseas might be more difficult than he imagined.

Sleeping without a bed in the first two weeks, however, was just the beginning as the Singaporean would soon undergo other challenges that came with being an international student; challenges that included homesickness and learning how to cook properly.

It was this experience that led Hao to the creation of iDibs, a start-up with the intention of helping international students who may find themselves in the same place he was in.

Come along to get inspired by Hao’s story, learn about his entrepreneurial journey and what were the mistakes he made and how to avoid them!


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